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show that without OCRL the newly formed vesicle moves into the cell but fails to efficiently shed its clathrin coat.

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Mutations in one such gene, OCRL, give rise to Oculo-Cerebro-Renal syndrome of Lowe (Lowe syndrome) and type 2 Dent's disease, two X-linked diseases (Attree et al., 1992; Hoopes et al., 2005).

The pit then pinches off from the outer membrane to form a vesicle—a bubble-like compartment—inside the cell that transports the cargo to its destination.

In one type of endocytosis, this process is mediated by a basket-like coat primarily made up from the protein clathrin that assembles at the membrane patch to be internalized.

Endocytic vesicles that fail to lose their coat nucleate the majority of the numerous actin comets present in patient cells.

SNX9, an adaptor that couples late-stage endocytic coated pits to actin polymerization and which we found to bind OCRL directly, remains associated with such vesicles.

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