Average cost of updating a kitchen

Traditional and mini-duct systems are called upon when they sense temperature changes in the room, however, high-velocity mini-duct systems use much smaller ducts in your walls.In fact, they are often 50% smaller than a traditional duct system.When analyzing the total cost of an HVAC project you must consider repairs, maintenance and utility costs.While installation is a big piece of the pie, it is not the only one.To install a traditional system, the homeowners would have to forfeit valuable square footage around the home.

While mini-duct air conditioning will have small units installed in the interior of the home, the units are not intrusive and they are typically placed in less noticeable locations.Because of the nature of aspiration, a high-velocity system requires minimal ductwork, and in some cases, all it takes is a small plastic pipe rather than a traditional duct.Chances are, most homeowners researching will already have HVAC installed in their homes.Because the ducts used in a high-velocity system are so small, they won't require a lot of remodeling to accommodate them and they won't take up a lot of extra space in the home.These mini-duct systems are also incredibly efficient at heating and cooling in a hurry, which is a plus for people who tend to turn their systems off during the day and then require instant temperature changes when you return home.

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