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Nationalism is flourishing – almost every armed conflict in the modern world has nationalistic roots.One of the most visible aspects of the new nationalism is the spread of nationalistic online activities.In this paper we will focus on nationalism on the Internet, how can it be described and explained.We look at Internet users, the reasons for using the Internet, content of online activities, the way in which people use Internet, and the possible consequences of Internet use for individuals and organizations.A search (with searchengine Hotbot) for pages with “Kurdistan” in the page title returns 1,800 results (June 2001).There are also newsgroups on Kurdistan (like soc.culture.kurdish) and mailing lists.The visitor finds a Kurdistan map and some basic information on the Kurds: # Locations (URL’s) of Internet pages are given at the end of the paper.

It has the typical long homepage URL, there’s ample use of the tag, you are informed that you are “the 526.831th person” to visit the homepage since January 10, 1996.

Internet is much more a public/personal space than any other medium. And what is the status of the ‘Slavic Research Center’ in Japan? Department of Sociology and Centre for Urban and Community Studies.

Very often is difficult to distinguish between individual and corporate or organizational sources. Some parts of the Internet are almost completely dominated by individual users: mud’s, newsgroups (Usenet), chats and BBS.

Sometimes real ‘cyber wars’ are fought; the Basque Euskal Herria Journal was put out of business by mail bombs (Vesely, 1997).

The guest book of the Armenian Genocide site was flooded with mail from the Armenian Terror site, a site with the telling subtitle “The so-called Armenian Genocide”.

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