Drake and tyra dating

The couple split once more in May 2016, but reunited by July 2016 – with Kylie spotted with a diamond ring on her engagement finger.

The latest news is the on/off pair have split for good, and Kylie has since moved on to another rapper, Travis Scott.

However, according to TMZ, he was eventually taken to the station over a “possible DUI” – but it was later determined he WASN’T under the influence and was released.

But he managed to remain high-spirited as he was led to the police car shortly after.

Not a stranger to the world of reality TV, Tyga had his own show Kingin' with Tyga on MTV, in September 2016, Kanye West - who just happens to be the husband of his girlfriend's sister Kim Kardashian - announced he'd signed Tyga to his G. His 2013 album, Hotel California, hit number 7 in American and Number 55 in the UK, while 2015 album The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, failed to chart bother in the US and UK.

Tyga has collaborated with a number of other music stars including Chris Brown with their joint album Fan of a Fan – released in February 2015.

One of his most noticeable designs are the words “Fears none but God” tattooed on his chest.

He also has the name Kylie tattooed on his right forearm.

Tyga has covered the majority of his torso with tattoos – with fans speculating he has anywhere between 20 and 120 designs inked onto his boys.

Footage shows police speaking to Tyga in front of fans before he gets led into the back seat of the police car. E Tour After Party – hosted by Chris Brown – with Blac confirming the romance on Twitter on 9 November the same year.

As a photographer asks: “What are they arresting you for? The pair became engaged in December 2012 – but announced they had split by 12 August 2014.

When asked more questions about the Snapchat, he simply replied: "It’s all a fake story." Tyga was arrested in Hollywood earlier in 2017 after police surrounded his car in dramatic footage.

The rapper was caught on camera as he chatted to cops from the front seat of his new car, before claiming they had caught him with “paper plates” on his vehicle.

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