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YES, they do know that they are allowing it because they are the ones who create the title and character templates.

Seven) The "M" rating on this site clearly states that it must be suitable for age SIXTEEN and older.

Remember when he copped her a black Mercedes-Benz last year?

Officer, A Milli, Stuntin' Like My Daddy, 6 Foot 7 Foot)Limp Bizkit (My Generation, Rollin, My Way, Hot Dog, Take A Look Around, Nookie, Break Stuff, N 2 Gether Now, Gold Cobra, Get A Life, Shotgun, Douche Bag)LINKIN PARK (Lying From You, Faint, Numb, Breaking the Habit, Somewhere I Belong, In The End, Papercut, One Step Closer, Crawling, What I've Done, New Divide, Talking to Myself, One More Light) R. Diamond, Trina, & Eve])Luther Vandross (The Closer I Get to You, Take You Out, Never Too Much, Here and Now, Dance With My Father, I'd Rather)Lynard Skynard (Sweet Home Alabama, Still Unbroken)Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (Can't Hold Us, Same Love, Thrift Shop)Mariah Carey (Shake It Off, I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time, Obsessed [Original and Remix])Marilyn Manson (The Beautiful People, This Is Halloween, Deep Six)Mario (Let Me Love You, How Could You, How Do I Breathe, Crying Out For Me, Break Up)Maroon 5 (Moves Like Jagger, Makes Me Wonder, Wake Up Call, Animals, Harder To Breathe, This Love, She Will be Loved, Misery)Mary J Blige (My Life, Family Affair, Enough Cryin, Be Without You, Take Me As I Am, We Ride [I See The Future]; The One, I Feel Good, I Am, We Got Hood Love, Everything)Metallica (Enter Sandman, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Master of Puppets, The Memory Remains, Seek & Destroy, One, Fade to Black, Ride the Lightning, Creeping Death, Nothing Else Matters, Welcome Home [Sanitarium, Battery)MGK (Invincible, Bad Motherfucker)Michael Jackson (Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean, Human Nature, P.

Piano Intro [Massive True Mix] (TTTT2)The Edge of Soul (Intro Theme), The Wind and Clouds (Theme of Mitsurugi), The Gears of Madness (Theme of Voldo), Soul and Sword (Theme of Siegfried), Bravely Folk Song (Theme of Cervantes), World Atlas Collapsed (Theme of Souledge) Duelists (Theme of Mitsurugi) Wings of Faith (Theme of Sophitia) The Cursed Image (Theme of Taki) Sail Over The Storm (Theme of Maxi), The New Legend (Theme of Edge Master and Kilik), Bred From the Gap (Theme of Astaroth and Lizardman), Unblessed Soul (Theme of Ivy), Chasing Downstream (Theme of Yoshimitsu), In The Name of Father (Theme of Nightmare), Immortal Flame (Theme of Inferno)Under The Star of Destiny (Opening Theme), Tales of Swords and Souls (Weapons Master Mode Opening Theme), History Unfolds (Character Select Theme), Healing Winds (Gallery Theme), Windshadow (Weapons Master Mode Theme), Destiny Awaits No One (Theme of Yun-Seong), Ordinary Pain (Theme of Voldo), Chasing Death (Theme of Charade), Brave Sword Braver Soul (Theme of Taki), Guided By Wind (Theme of Talim), Unwavering Resolve (Theme of Cassandra), Eternal Struggle (Theme of Cervantes), No Turning Back (Theme of Raphael), Hubris (Theme of Xianghua), Raise Thy Sword (Theme of Nightmare), Hellfire (Theme of Inferno)Hour of Destiny (Intro Theme) Lorekeeper (Main Menu Theme), History Unfolds (Character Select Theme), The Intruder, No Regrets (Theme of Cervantes), Confrontation (Theme of Rock), Pure Breeze (Theme of Talim), The New Legend (Theme of Kilik), Face Your Fate (Theme of Ivy), Sail Over The Storm (Theme of Maxi), Call of the Ancients (Theme of Yun-Seong), Bred From The Gap (Theme of Astaroth), Endless Warfare (Theme of Raphael), Beyond The Horizon (Theme of Lizardman), Through Molten Caves (Theme of Yoshimitsu), Blind Loyalty (Theme of Voldo), Ephemeral Dream (Theme of Setsuka) The Blade Seeker (Theme of Mitsurugi) Fearless Eyes (Theme of Sophitia), The Evil Moon (Theme of Seong-Mina), Water Dance (Theme of Xianghua), Wings of Despair (Theme of Tira), The Cursed Image (Theme of Taki), Burning Mansion (Theme of Cassandra), Labyrinth of Moonlight (Theme of Olcadan), Time Marches On (Theme of Zasalamel), If There Were Any Other Way (Destined Battle Theme), Forsaken Sanctuary (Theme of Siegfried), Catastrophe (Theme of Abyss), World Distortion (Theme of Night Terror) Immaculate Pledge (Thesmophoros Imperial Garden Theme), To The Wind (Distant Marsh Theme), Reign Of Doom (Ostrheinsburg Castle Throne Room Theme), Glacial Colosseum (Ice Coffin of the Sleeping Ancient Theme), Infernal Offering (Kunpaetku Shrine-Dream Remnants Theme), Indomitable Warrior (Egyptian Temple, Sacred Flame Theme), Halcyon Harbor (Sailor's Rest Theme), Valiant Heart (Wolfkrone Monument Theme), Tempered Soul (Hall of the Warrior God Theme), Gigantesque (Tower of Remembrance: Ancient Gate Theme), Breakthrough (Tower of Remembrance: Spiral of Time Theme), Destiny Will Tell (Tower of Remembrance: Encounter Theme), The Supreme Sword (Tower of Remembrance: Degradation Theme), Thanatos (Tower of Lost Souls Theme) Sword of Resolution (Patroklos Theme), 'Till Fate Writes My Epitaph (Siegfried Theme), Sleepless-An Untamed Beast (Z.

Religion: Born-Again Christian(as I'm sure you probably guessed by my profile pic and username)Hobbies: Improvisational Comedy(basically freestyle unscripted comedy with jokes off the top of the head), Video Gaming, Martial Arts (2nd Dan in Taekwondo, Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Trained in Freestyle Wrestling, Boxing, & Kickboxing), Fantasy Football, Web Surfing Hometown: Tallahassee, FL. (Specialty: Fairy Tail lemons, particularly involving Natsu)4. If anyone is familiar with any or all of the game series that are listed below, PM me and we'll discuss any ideas you may have.

USAPersonal Theme Songs: My Friend and Grand Master Mentor AKA Senior Advisor and Chief Business Strategist: My Friend and BETA Reader AKA Senior Creative Consultant: My Friend and Official Secretary of Fan Fiction AKA Director of Operations: https:// My New Friend and Junior Apprentice: https:// My Friends and Story Collaborators AKA Head Creative Writers: https:// https:// https:// Close Friends and Frequent Loyal Reviewers Alike: Paladinmon Cheater Kainhttps:// Morinohttps:// Virus33 Guy159https:// Militia (Specialty: Naruto/Sakura lemons and Natsu/Lucy lemons)5. You can now follow me over at Devian Art, which I'll be using to post promotional artwork and spoilers for future works.

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