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Due to distance from our airfield, we had to fly to the Air Force base in Ubon Thailand to refuel before returning to Vietnam.

Although my aircraft was hit several times, I was never shot down during my two tours in Vietnam.

I believe I have come to terms with the war and have used this in a positive manner. There are very few Americans and very few servicemen who have served in a combat zone and realized this experience. I was accepted into flight school after OCS and trained in the OV-1 Mohawk surveillance airplane, a twin-engine turbo prop built by Grumman.

The Mohawk conducted day and night low-level surveillance missions with installed cameras and infrared equipment.

In Vietnam, there were more KIA in 1968 than any other year.

There were two from our 1969 graduation class who joined the Marines.

Like all new recruits in boot camp, you ask yourself, Why did I do this?

Everyone worked together, the chief nurse would come and help pass out meal trays.

Since it was a draft army it was made up of everyone from every walk of life. I initially joined to help take care of the soldiers who were hurt since they did not ask to be there in the first place.

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