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Humayun’s Tomb: This magnificent garden tomb, located near the crossing of Mathura road and Lodhi road was the final resting place of Mughal emperor Humayun.

The monument, one of the finest examples of Mughal architecture, encloses beautiful garden squares, with pathways and water channels. It was here in the Humayun’s tomb that Lieutenant Hudson had captured the last Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah II.

Delhi’s restaurants tempt the palate with sumptuous foods.

Whether it’s Chinese, French, Italian, Indian or continental cuisine, the choices are endless.

The temple architecture has been inspired by the architecture of ancient historic temples of India.

Inside the Red Fort, there is a treasure trove of buildings including the Pearl Mosque, Royal Baths, Drum House, the Hall of Public Audiences, and the white marble Hall of Private Audiences.

In the evenings, a light and sound show is held, which brings to life India’s history connected with the Red Fort.

The pillar which is made up of 98% wrought iron has with stood the test of time without any rust or decomposition.

Other monuments in this complex include the spectacular Alai-Darwaza Gate, an interesting example of the Indo-Muslim art, and two mosques, including the Quwwatu’l-Islam, one of the oldest in northern India.

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