Intimidating eye

Dally does not scare him but rather fascinates him, and he holds a romanticized vision of Dally as an honorable Southern gentleman.By comparing Dally to a character in a book, Johnny becomes able to understand him.

The words “some of us watch the sunset” suggest to Cherry that although some of the greasers live up to the stereotype of greasers as rough and unrefined, some of them, like Ponyboy, have a keen appreciation for beauty—as keen as that of the richest socialite.By stating that the members of both groups will always remain in their respective groups, he suggests that it would be impossible for a greaser or a Soc to rise above his current status.He appears to believe that, despite their youth, the young men in the story will never be able to move on and transcend the narrow limits of their gang identities.Randy’s belief in the permanence of their social identities may be based, however, in the fact that he is a Soc and not a greaser.Having grown up in a wealthy and comfortable environment, it would not be difficult for him to imagine himself forever stuck in this lifestyle.

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