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Sam and Dean grow up separate, Dean raised by John and Sam raised by Mary.

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Nobody questioned it when Dean made the decision for the annual "games"; except Sam, he wanted to know why. When a new coffee shop and a new neighbor both appear at the same time as a series of murders, Sam struggles with his internal issues while trying to figure out which of his friends or family will be next. (I suck at summaries, sorry) Being placed next to a snobby, young punk named Castiel Novak might just not be as bad as it seems for Dean Winchester.Dean joins the military after dropping out of college with a child on the way and comes home without legs.When the brothers finally meet again, Sam is a teacher at Bakersfield Elementary and Dean is the single father of one of Sam's students.When Castiel commits a crime unforgivable, he is demoted from distinguished guardian angel to the role of cupid.His assignment: to pair Dean Winchester and Lisa Braeden together as soulmates.

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