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The person recording the video is clearly acquainted with the house girl as his/her presence is allowed to continue.

The house girl clearly sees nothing wrong with what she was doing, as she continues to hit the child even with the camera rolling.

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A camera without the right accessories is incomplete and believe it or not, you would not be able to capture the quality of the pictures you need.

The driver with the dash cam keeps driving as no attempt was made to stop him.

Moments later, a lone police officer throws caution to the wind and stops in the middle of the busy highway. POLICE ORDERS Later, a conversation ensues between the motorist and the officer who claims that he had failed to obey police orders to stop. He is then told to proceed after the brief encounter that lasted barely a minute.

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Another video has surfaced on social media showing a house girl abusing a child in one of Nairobi’s estate.

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