Mahabharat dating

However many thousand years ago, such a time evaluation would clearly be irrelevant.

Hence the count of the day and time had to be based on clear, natural and unambiguous events such as sunset to sunset or sunrise to sun rise.

Eclipse evaluating computational software and its validation in present context Astronomical calculations have been greatly improved since past 30 years, particularly with considerable amount of trajectory work conducted in Moon and other scientific projects.

High accuracy computer models and software have been developed.

This wide gap between the Dates is due to our present of Time, Please read my posts on Time filed under Time, Astrophysics( Read my posts on Ravana’s date, Ram’s Date, Places traveled by Lord Rama) Evidence for this conclusion. External Evidence based on references to Mahabharata by other Works.

“Aryabhata, is a famous early astronomer with contributions to science, whose estimate of p, and the time of moon revolution around the earth are so accurate, that his works are being extensively researched.

Fourteenth day, Fifteenth day and in past sixteenth day, but I have never known the Amavasya(New Moon day) to occur on the thirteenth day.This document is basically concerned with analysis of all eclipses visible at Kurukshethra(Location where Mahabharata war took place, north of New Delhi, Longitude 76 deg 49 min East, Latitude 29 deg 59 Min North) from 3300 BC to about Buddha-Mahavira-Parshvanaathatime of about 700BC.Analysis of the time between successive eclipses, specifically time between end of one and beginning of other has been made, with a view to look at astronomical feasibility of back-to-back eclipses in 13 days, using modern astronomical computer software. However it may be noted that it has been accepted as a Fact of History and not a legend.People who deny that the Mahabharata is History and based on facts are those who deny because they find the impossibility of some of the feats and Physiognomy of the characters in the Epic . Now based on the internal evidence which abounds in The Mahabharata and external references to the Mahabharata fix the date somewhere between 3129 BCJ and 2559 BCJ.

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