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During his Kickstarter video pitch for In Xile's new game , he portrayed them as children.

" Fargo is a known critic of game publishing mores.

This palette is full of multidimensional, lustrous shades that include: Girlfriend, a pink with violet glitter; Uptight, a rose gold; Sparkler, a silvery bronze; Can’t Stop, an icy champagne ivory; Golden Egg, a pinky beige with turquoise glitter; Unsupervised, a pink champagne; Lust in Time, a medium cool rose; Zero Clue, a vibrant warm yellow; Mind Tricks, an icy blackened purple; Drizzle, an icy baby pink; Tinker Time, a blackened antique gold with blue glitter.

This celestially-inspired metallic pressed powder shadow palette includes Upon a Star; Beam Me Up; Bashful; The Game; Celestial; West Star; Up & Atom; and Easy Go. These exclusive new shades come in: Fluffy, a warm gold with a subtle pink duo chrome; Revolution, a silvery mauve with a pink and silver glitter; and Bouncy, a cool-toned bronze with gold and violet duo chrome.

"They really do look at everything in terms of 'How can we get a half a billion or a billion dollar franchise out of this?

Fargo identifies his own mistakes in the company's decline: He failed to make the jump from PC to the newly dominant consoles. You have to be arrogant and humble at the same time. This is a guy who ran a successful top-10 publisher in the late '90s.

"Other publishers had that one product that blasted them through to the other side," he says. With THQ it was wrestling — it got them through the other side for a while. To now have to cajole people into just calling him back, yeah, it's kind of humbling. That's how I think any entertainment industry works, whether it's music or movies or games or anything." Fargo says he only gets upset with publishers when they start making decisions that negatively impact his staff.

We get into the meeting and I'm presenting." The presentation was not playing well to the gathered marketing execs. I didn't want to just say, 'That's stupid.' Brian, he's like, 'No, it doesn't make any sense to change the art. You couldn't sell five million copies." Interplay was a manifestation of Fargo's skill for serial hit-making. Fargo sees his role, as head of In Xile, as one of chief designer of the game, which he has been trying to publish since he secured the rights over a decade ago. As head of In Xile, Fargo spent much of the last decade going to publishers, looking to make a new Wasteland. A man who had once sat in the big chair, listening to pitches was now forced to traipse around the meeting rooms of former rivals, looking for support from execs half his age. "I have to walk into meeting rooms all the time with people who've been out of QA for four months, and have 20 less years of experience than me.

They made some suggestions about changing the game's art style. People love the art in But by the end of the 1990s, Interplay was in trouble. He made the argument that what had worked for Bethesda could work for them too, especially if the game was made by many of the people behind the original. I have to convince them that what I'm going to make is going to be awesome.

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