Net bindingsource not updating

When a user attempts to add a new object (o PO), I am resetting the binding to make sure there is no risidual from an earlier selection.

When I call End Edit on this Binding Source, it does not always change Data Table to show the modifications, and calling Get Changes on the Data Set returns null.

Create New Customer()) ' Bind the list to the Binding Source. Data Source = customer List ' Attach the Binding Source to the Data Grid View. Data Source = Me.customers Binding Source End Sub ' This event handler changes the value of the Company Name ' property for the first item in the list.

The following code example uses a Binding Source component to bind an array list, which does not provide change notification.

Dim customer List As Binding List(Of Demo Customer) = _ CType(customers Binding Source. Phone Number = "(708)555-0150" End Sub End Class ' This class implements a simple customer type ' that implements the IProperty Change interface.

Private Sub change Item Btn_Click(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Event Args) ' Get a reference to the list from the Binding Source.

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