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When played on a regular CD player you will hear both the vocals and instrumentals. This kind of music type is electronically composed by 128 instruments at the most. Most karaoke songs and tracks are not by the original artist.

The file size is very small compared to WAV files or MP3 files. Karaoke music manufacturers recreate tracks as close to the original as they're capable of.

The word "karaoke" comes from the Japanese word "Kara" which means empty, and "Oke" (Okesutora), which means orchestra.

Rather than include both vocals and music, karaoke tracks leave the lead vocals out for you sing.

You will need an amplifier if you want to power external speakers for greater sound than connecting directly to a television.

You can turn any DVD, VCD or CD G player into karaoke system with a mixing amplifier.

VCDs have a video running in the background, in addition to lyrics, while the music is playing. This format has the advantage of having a lot more songs on one disc compared to a CDG since MP3 files are a lot smaller than CDG files. If you must use a CD player, only CDG formatted discs will work.DVDs also have a video running in the background, in addition to lyrics, while the music is playing. There are 2 files stored on the disc, an MP3 file and a Graphics file. You will be able to play CDG discs in your normal CD player but will have no way to display lyrics on a screen.DVDs will typically have more songs than either CDGs or VCDs. Leads vocals will also not be able to be switched on or off if you use a multiplex disc.Manufacturer's page: QSC Audio does DJ, Karaoke and live sound system products so well that the K Series speakers are the best selling speakers on the market, in their price range, today.The K12 and K Sub both have an integrated 1000 watt amplifier driving the components of each cabinet with the dependability and warmth that QSC amplifiers are known for.

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