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This process is called nixtamalization and was developed in Mesoamerica, and used to sustain Aztec and Mayan warriors.

Tamal filling varies widely depending on the region, and the creation comes wrapped in a corn husk or some type of leaf.

Our first trip to the land of mountains was quickly booked and with it came some of the most memorable family feasts we remember.

One event in particular allowed us to enjoy the most delicious tamales, and speaking of which I’ll stop right here, since this is my dear friend Stephanie‘s guest post: When Nicky asked if I would mind sharing my Grandma Salazar’s recipe for tamales with d:d readers, I didn’t hesitate to say “yes!

She is a real-life Tita from Como Agua Para Chocolate (Like Water For Chocolate…a must read for all Foodies) – she was born to cook.

When my Grandma, Maria Elucresia Herrera, entered the world “early,” in October of 1922, she weighed only 3 pounds.

This November, “Joseph and Mary” will celebrate 60 years of marriage and 60 years of tamales.

You can bet that our ten-month-old Sofia will be making tamales like her great-grandmother as soon as she can stand on a stool and mix masa!

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C.) but what is certain is that Latin cultures have fully mastered the art, and in each country and region you can find different interpretations of that delightful little package.Stephanie and David, our dear American friends are the best example.Over the two years they lived in our neighborhood, the term hospitality got redefined: Our very first dinner together at the Greek place just around the corner transformed into an ecstatic party with lots of broken porcelain, the ultimate food shopping tips were exchanged over hot chocolates at not short of the one or other recipe.A few tips: The key to good tamales is to spread the masa (dough) thinly on the husk.I never get more disgusted than when I try tamales at a restaurant that are really just logs of steamed masa, with hardly any filling to speak of.

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