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Once Sho is discovered to possess a very powerful "aura", he is drafted into the Byston Well conflict as the pilot of the lavender-colored Dunbine.

As in other Tomino creations, Dunbine's cast is populated by Nordic-looking military types in elaborate costumes on one side, a young Japanese hero caught in the middle, and freedom fighters on the other side.

Show Zama (Shigeru Nakahara/Jay Hickman): Show is the young protagonist of the series.However, the stresses of war prevent them from actively pursuing their relationship.Marvel Frozen (Mika Doi/Christine Auten): An attractive young woman whose wealthy parents own a large ranch near Dallas, Texas, Marvel was also brought to Byston Well to fight on the side of Drake Luft, but now works with Nie Given to overthrow Luft.While she does not seem to hate her father as a person, she shares no love for his actions and makes several efforts to aid Nie Given's resistance forces.While her father does care about her, and, to that end, wishes to engage her to Bern, he fails to notice she is in love with Nie.

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