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CK: Morehouse and Atlanta have completely changed my perspective on life as a whole, not only just my view on music culture.

At Morehouse, I matured and became a man through living life on my own and away from family.

Sexual encounters fundamentally rely on communication, not on the power dynamic created by the myth that men cannot control their desire.

A study of the 2001 British Crime Survey shows that 40% of women who have experienced serious sexual assault tell no one at all about it.

The biggest music artists out of Atlanta literally move around like everyday normal people.

Living in Atlanta, it seems like the music industry is literally at your fingertips, so it makes it so easy for people to want to get into it.

For over a century, memories and special moments have been captured through some form of photography.

Becoming the storytellers of modern times, photographers have summed up some of the most breathtaking moments with just their camera, etching those instants in our historical timeline for future generations to see.

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