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He said: “Meghan Markle may have low approval ratings compared to other royal spouses, such as the Duchess of Cambridge, but it is worth bearing in mind that she has only recently begun to attend official engagements as Prince Harry’s partner.“Her relatively recent public appearances may account for the small uptick in her popularity over the last few months.

We are likely to see Meghan featured more prominently over the coming months and this may correlate with a more positive public image.”It is thought the American actress has been introduced to the Queen at Buckingham Palace - a custom in the Royal family ahead of an engagement.

Mike, who is gay and currently single, said: 'Lots of good-looking guys were into me and I was getting a lot of attention.'People weren't saying sexual things, they were just saying "hello" and starting a conversation.'Then one guy, a man who was in his forties, said, "You deserve more," and gave me £300 to go into town and get clothes.

I thought, "I could make money out of this".'Last year Mike set up a profile on advertising his webcam 'services'.

One person on Twitter wrote: “@Jo Froggatt @ITV Brilliant acting, and it's only 1/2 way through, loving #darkangel.”While another added: “Incredible acting from @Jo Froggatt in #darkangel tonight.”A third tweeted: “@Jo Froggatt you were awesome in #darkangel. Lol.”However, the programme did also attract criticism from some quarters due to the numerous sex scenes between Cotton and her lover Joe Nattrass, played by Jonas Armstrong.

attracted much attention from viewers, who were discussing the new ITV drama eagerly on social media and there was much praise for Joanne.

I get back from work, have my dinner and then go up to my room and get ready.'Once I take off my tracksuit bottoms and sort out my hair I end up looking like a totally different person.'The 20-minute transformation involves false nails, fake lashes and stick-on silicone G-cup boobs - as well as careful hair and outfit decisions.

'I'm basically being paid to sit there and talk,' Mike said.

Speculation surrounding the couple have been rife since Ms Markle declared her love for Prince Harry in a magazine article with Vanity Fair.

James Endersby, managing director of Opinium Research, calmed fears that the public will not take to Ms Markle, saying she is still relatively new to the British spotlight.

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