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The second most popular app for straight people, Mingle, uses video profiles, so it’s easy to draw a conclusion there.

Mingle is free as well, and it adds a group chat function — remember AIM singles chatrooms? Mingle takes a chatroom, adds in Chatroulette, and puts the whole thing on your phone. A few other good options are Jaumo, Moko or Skout than Tinder.

If you want to get married in the next year, for instance, you really shouldn’t be looking for your eternal Netflix partner on Seed.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t have an account — swiping right and left is always going to be fun, and there’s something exciting about an app with over 50 million users — but still, you might also want to look elsewhere.

Lulu is about rating each other in our most vulnerable, intimate capacities as (physical and emotional) lovers.In this, they’re bowing to the pressure of anonymous female commentators.But no one would ever tell a victim of revenge porn to “get feedback from” those who comment on her video—so why should we expect men to follow advice that is often just a mask for maliciousness? The good and the bad memories could be released in one fun cyber-klatch that felt more like venting to girlfriends over drinks than writing sketchy rants in Reddit groups (like the other gender has been known to do).More importantly—though perhaps less cathartic—women could read what their sisters-in-arms had to say about a potential love interest.

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